Howdy again everybody!
I'd like to share some information about my corporate roping events.
Our roping entertainment has been a big hit as an added activity to corporate parties inside and outside.  
Here's what we do:
We customize for each meeting or event planner to suit their request or needs, but here's the basic outline :
We give the guests the opportunity to learn how to rope a calf.  Well, not a real calf, we bring in professional calf roping dummies and ropes for both adults and children.  We show folks a few basic skills and in a matter of a few minutes adults and children alike are throwing those ropes around the calf roping dummies.  It's as simple as that.  We had no idea how fascinating people are by throwing a calf rope .  
If you want to get fancy we can do a little more and provide things like background music of all genres, hay bales, corn hole games, etc.  If your party is outside we can set up fire pits.  You can provide the firewood or will bring it to you!  We have an unlimited amount of options to help make your party a real live country and western experience.  It is always a big hit and very exciting for everyone.
If you want an exciting and awesome experience for your next event send me an email at and lets get your party started!!

There will be pictures and maybe even some video footage coming soon on our roping gig!

The Clines

Tradition Country Music Anyone?

Let's get this party started!

Tradition Country Music Anyone?

Bruce and Kristi Cline 

Howdy Country Music Fans!  

We are looking forward to bringing y'all some good


Check out "High Dollar Night".

It topped the charts at number 16 on the European independent charts a few years back.  Hello Europe, we are back!!

"Clear Texas Sky" just may be our next release

Please let us know what you think!

Stay in touch, and watch for the release of our album

with 13 songs, "Bruce and Kristi Cline".

The release of "Bruce and Kristi Cline" will have our  #1 smash hit for 4 weeks in a row in Europe,

"We Fell in Love Anyway".


* If you click the link above our picture you can hear a little COUNTRY music during sound check at the Ryman Auditorium.  What an honor, not taken for granted to sing, "He Stopped Loving Her Today" during a part of our show that night.